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Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages

Washington, DC, June 10-21, 2013


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Washington, DC, June 10-21, 2013

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The goal of the Breath of Life Institute is to help Native Americans involved in language revitalization find and make use of materials on their languages that are in the National Anthropological Archives and Library of Congress. Under the leadership of Lisa Conathan and Leanne Hinton, this two week workshop allows teams of participants (Native American heritage language learners, teachers and activists) paired with linguists (experts in linguistics who assist the participants in their research) to explore the language resources in archives in the District of Columbia area. Visits to the archives were supplemented by lectures and workshops on linguistics, language teaching and learning, and related topics.

The 2013 Breath of Life Institute is supported by the National Science Foundation. Partners include the National Museum of Natural History, The National Museum of the American Indian, the Library of Congress, The Endangered Language Fund and Yale University.

The 2013 Breath of Life application is available at http://www.ourlanguage.org/bol2013_application.

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1 The name and Institute design is based on the Breath of Life Language Workshop for California Indians, a biennial event designed and organized by the Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival and hosted at the University of California at Berkeley.